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Dine at one of our lively restaurants and bars. For your convenience, we offer to-go food from our restaurants so you can enjoy from the comfort of your room.

a patio with a couch and chairs on it

Salsa Bar

At Salsa Bar, enjoy a refreshing cocktail as you witness the majesty of the sun setting in the horizon. Sway to the soothing sounds of music as the ocean breeze caresses and invites you to bask in the magic of the moment.

a bowl of salad

Garden Cafe

Located in the center of Grand Hyatt Bali and adjacent to the Lobby, Garden Café serves an array of delectable Asian dishes. Surrounded by cascading waterfalls and lagoons, Garden Café exudes the look and feel of a resplendent restaurant.

For more information visit Garden Cafe.

a pizza with mushrooms and onions

Salsa Verde

Italian Beach Grill restaurant that is following a design spirit derived from the surrounding beach, to bring “The Beach” to the restaurant as well as menu. Serving Artisan Mediterranean cuisine with an open – kitchen style in a casual setting by the beach and pool with the Indian Ocean as a backdrop. 

For more information visit Salsa Verde.

a group of people sitting at a table with fire in front of a building

Pasar Senggol

Dine beneath the stars in a torch-lit private garden at Pasar Senggol which serves authentic Indonesian and Balinese food with seafood grill. Here, Bali's art, culture and vitality are displayed for guests' enjoyment.

For more information visit Pasar Senggol.

a person cutting food


Japanese cuisine at its best with open kitchens and a sushi bar. Serving authentic Japanese cuisine in a completely serene ambiance, Nampu offers a variety of dining experiences, including the main dining room which serves fresh sushi, sashimi, Yakitori and tempura, as well as Tatami room for private dining.

For more information visit Nampu.

a room with furniture and a bar

Lila Cita Tavern

Unleash your inner champion at Lila Cita Tavern where drinks, food, sports, games and karaoke collide in a whirlwind of entertainment. Unwind with friends, challenge rivals, and forge unforgettable memories in this vibrant sanctuary of fun

a patio with a pond and a large pool

Veranda Lounge and Bar

Veranda Lounge and Bar offers a welcoming atmosphere for guests and visitors alike. Take in the charming views with an afternoon tea or mingle with friends while listening to live nightly entertainment in this Lobby lounge.

For more information visit Veranda Lounge and Bar.

a man and woman sitting by a pool

Poolside Bar

Beat the heat with a sip of the tropical freshness from an array of original and classic cocktail blends and crushes at the Pool Bar, located by the pool amidst the tropical gardens and close to the beachfront. 

a group of beds on a sandy beach

Beach Cabana

Perched on a white sandy beach, our cabanas perfectly provide a haven of relaxation and leisure experience with comfortable plush seating, cozy amenities and stunning views of the vast ocean. 

a house with a pond and a walkway with Jim Thompson House in the background


Step into the hallowed grounds of Watercourt, where we pay reverent tribute to the legendary water palaces. Indulge in the authentic tastes of Indonesian cuisine, meticulously crafted in a warm Balinese-style, where the local culture comes alive.

For more information visit Watercourt.